Isabela Finished

Ahoy tharr.

Isabela from Dragon Age 2 appears in the demo without pants and a chest the size of two watermelons, unconvincingly supported by a corset-like piece of fabric.

She also kicks ass.

I wanted to do her character the service of not having her rather gratuitous body and clothing choices get in the way: hence pants. And armour. I wanted to keep in the same style as the corset she originally wore, as well as matching the armour she was sort of wearing at the time (ie…the shoulder guard). I am also in love with her boots, which are oddly futuristic to me even though they are sewn leather, and also a little counterintuitive since I would want more padding on the knees, not less. FOR FIGHTING. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter.


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3 thoughts on “Isabela Finished

  1. Ummm… SO MUCH MORE AWESOME! And sexier.
    I totally want to wear this for Halloween. Or regular days. If concept art doesn’t work out, you should consider costume design.

  2. It’s interesting, Kimberly, how you recognize the dubiousness of the Bioware artists’ “standards of beauty” in this earlier post:

    But then seem to dismiss it as it applies to skin color in making Isabela much paler than she appears in the game. You can hardly be blamed for this, given that Bioware’s own concept art for Isabela is even paler, but it’s a curious oversight, I think.

    • Thank you for pointing that out! I hadn’t actually realized I’d done that. I think what happened was that when I needed details from the very low quality Demo screen captures, I hiked up the Brightness so that I could see details more clearly, and forgot that it ever was any darker.

      I was also simultaneously using Bioware’s own (as you rightly point out, paler) original design as a reference as well, which probably didn’t help, either! (That design itself is interesting–she is definitely Caucasian there, and it makes me wonder how late of an afterthought darkening her skin tone was, since everything else seems to have stayed the same!)

      Thank you again for catching that, I’ll be sure such glaring irony doesn’t happen in future pieces!

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