Oh hai

HEY. hey.

My apologies for being off the radar for a bit, I got a sweet summer internship doing game art for Infinidy Corp, and I’m juggling that and a full-time job, so WELP. All the art I’m doing I can’t show you because the games aren’t finished yet, but I promise I’m doing art and I’m incredibly happy and excited to be doing game art!

Something I’ve been working on the side though was a paid commission at the Starbucks I work at to do something for their chalk wall:


The idea was to make a Mucha-inspired portrait of the Starbucks twin-tailed siren. I ended up finding the pose in a Mucha-inspired piece by P. Craig Russell. It was my first time really working with chalk ever, and the first time I’ve worked on this scale, and while I wasn’t immediately confident I’d know how to make it work right away (especially the face) I discovered that chalk is a beautifully forgiving medium to work in, and I loved every minute of it. It took about 30 hrs to complete, and if you’re interested in the process here you go:

sketch 1 234610 

some detail:


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